The Parsons Police Department (PPD) is a full-service law enforcement agency serving our community since 1870. PPD works in concert with other local, state and federal agencies to ensure the safety and security of our growing and dynamic city.

     Unlike traditional police departments, PPD is evolving to take on additional responsibilities from traditional 1st responders to crimes and criminal investigation, to emergency management duties, crisis intervention, and we are growing to partner with community agencies and organizations to enhance services to families in crisis, people with mental health problems and at-risk juveniles. Over 10,000 people come to the police front counter every year for help, while our police officers contact over 30,000 citizens every year.

     Recruiting for Police Officer and Dispatcher are now open. We’re not recruiting for the average. We are recruiting mature individuals who are self-motivated, service-oriented and place helping on par with enforcement.

     Currently patrol officers and dispatchers work 12-hour shifts working 15 days a month. In 20119, we are investing in our staff with specialized training including Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training, active shooter response, crime prevention, Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) certification and 105 hours of (on-line) Sexual Assault Response and Investigation training.

     PPD is positioning itself to work in partnership with Labette County Sheriffs Department and the Labette County Attorney to target illegal narcotics through the development of a new drug task force.

     A new Bicycle / ATV Officer option is being reviewed that would include being assigned a mountain bicycle, and access to ATV units as a supplemental assignment to regular patrol duties.

     We hope to develop a Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) Program in 2019 that will support our Investigations Unit in a new Police Annex Facility. These volunteers will assist detectives in working with crime victims, juveniles in crisis and to provide front counter support for investigators.

     WE VALUE:
          • Diversity in our workforce
          • Communication skills, Empathy and problem solving.
          • Prior military service with progressive responsibility.
          • Candidates that care about community.
          • Current police officers enter the pay scale with credit given for their                   prior police experience.


Parsons Police Department Application for Employment

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Background Issues that Disqualify Applicant for Employment

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