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        The Parsons Police Department has the mission to protect citizens and their property using all tools and resources available in the most moral, ethical and legal way. This department is committed to serving the City of Parsons and following our core values as the standard in the performance of our duty. We use Pride, Professionalism and Dedication as guides in our actions while promoting the health and welfare of the community. It is the greatest honor for our officers to serve with each other for the safety and benefit of the City of Parsons.

PRIDE- Parsons Police Department officers strive to take pride in their actions, appearance and community. It is essential that citizens and officers honor our image and the trust we earn from our community members. Respect is given and received when we take pride in ourselves and what we do. Pride and respect are fundamental to the mission of our Police Department.     

PROFESSIONALISM- Parsons Police Department officers should work in a serious, thoughtful manner and prepare to succeed.  Our officers must keep their law enforcement knowledge up-to-date to and work to surpass expectations. In our department, officers will keep the promises we make to the community and maintain integrity while completing our duty. We are professionals who don’t make excuses, but focus on finding solutions in difficult situations.

DEDICATION- The Parsons Police Department is dedicated to performing our very best at all times. It is our commitment to being police officers that drive us forward and keep us steadfast in our duty. We take responsibility for our actions and are legally, morally, and ethically sound at all times. Our Police Department has unwavering faith in its officers and is determined to provide the best service possible to the community. We will never quit performing our duty and never deny our support to the community even in the toughest of times.